How To Enter

Longleat Horse Trials

How To Enter

We appreciate that entering events can be a daunting process, and so with this site, we have tried to make the process as easy as possible. There are a number of pieces of information we need about you and your horse before we can accept your entry, but we have tried to keep these to an absolute minimum.

This quick guide is here to show you how the entry process works, and the relevant steps you need to take in order to book your space with us next year.

  1. Register

    Registration is straight-forward, and takes only a couple of minutes. You'll be asked for your postal address, where any correspondence regarding your entries will be sent. Please ensure this is correct, and if you move before the event, please do come back and let us know. Once registered, your address can be altered through the Your Account page.

  2. Add Team Members to your Stable

    Your Stable is your home from home, we know that! This stable is no different, and is where you keep and update all those details personal to you, your riders, owners and of course, your horses. We only ask you for details once, and you can register as many people and horses as you like, all for free.

    The details you submit here will be put forward with your entry, so keeping them current is vital.

  3. Class Schedule Released

    We are currently working on the class schedule, and this will be released in time for the sale of guaranteed entry tickets, on the 24th November 2012.

  4. Pre Entries

    We are striving to ensure the entry process and selection is as fair as possible. As with any equestrian event, we will be limited to a specific number due to ground conditions, hours of daylight, and competitor and visitor safety.

    We will be releasing 50 Two Day and 50 Three Day Event guaranteed places for entry on the 24th November 2012 for a deposit payment. These will not be class specific entries, but will be Event specific. This means please do not apply for a Three Day entry if you want to enter the Two Day Event. These entries will be non-transferable, and non-refundable.

    The process of pre-entry will be as follows: Guaranteed Event Entries will go on sale on the 24th November 2012 at 10am. Once Open Entries are being taken, you will have 1 month to upgrade these guaranteed tickets for full and final entries, along with your final payment. The final date for this process will be confirmed by email. Any pre-entries not exchanged during this 1 month period will be forfeited, and opened up to other competitors.

    All pre-entry tickets have now been sold.
  5. Open Entries

    Entries to all events will open in early 2013. Please ensure that you have all the members of your team registered with ourselves prior to this date, as this will reduce the amount of time it takes for you to complete your entry next year.

    Entries into each class will be released in stages, so as to make it as fair as possible to all those wishing to compete.

    All details regarding release dates will be posted with at least 1 month's notice, so as to give everyone the same opportunity.

    Entries have now opened, and details can be found here.
  6. Balloting process

    Details of ballot dates will be released during 2013.

    Longleat Horse Trials Ltd reserves the right to ballot any classes, and should this be the case, full refunds will be given to those competitors who are unsuccessful with their entry.

  7. Refunds

    In the unfortunate circumstance that the organisers need to cancel this event, any pre-entry deposits will be refunded in full. Any full entry fees received will be refunded, subject to our refund policy.

Please ensure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are amoungst the first to know as dates are annouced.

We look forward to welcoming you to the premier amateur equestrian event of 2013, the Longleat Horse Trials.