Longleat Horse Trials

Question 5/6 in Guaranteed Entries FAQs



Why are you releasing Guaranteed Entries?


This is the very first time an event of this type, or size has been run at Longleat, and with a possible 500 competitor spaces, our first question was always "can we fill every space we are able to offer?" We hope that in offering the guaranteed spaces we can gauge the reaction of our competitor base, and just check that we are offering you something that you all want to take part in!

We also have sponsors and supporters to consider, and showing our sponsors that we have competitors who want to put deposits down will raise their interest, and in turn their investment, ensuring we are able to attract the level of sponsorship we are aiming for. With every pound we attract in sponsorship, we are able to offer each competitor and visitor a slightly improved experience!

We do appreciate that to date, all those who have found out about this event have done so through word of mouth, and as a thank you for your support, we wanted to ensure that 100 of you were able to take part in the event next year.